High quality, large loads, flexibility and space utilisation.

Skov Industri manufactures and installs its own flexible mezzanine constructions.


Skov Industri manufactures and assembles its own mezzanine constructions in a flexible building system based on Sigma profiles in height 260 mm or height 410 mm.

  • Large spans of over 10 m.
  • Load capacity up to 1,500 kg per m2.

Together with MATADOR walls

Total solutions with mezzanine and MATADOR walls offer countless possibilities for multi-level spaces, and thus cheap square meters close to production or warehouse.

Together with Smith shelving

In addition, mezzanines can be supplied and installed built in conjunction with Smith steel, rivet shelving and pallet racks.



Stairs and floors


The mezzanine constructions are delivered as finished solutions complete with stairs, rest, handrail with hand and knee rails and kick strips, and possibly a double pallet door 2,000 mm wide, pallet lock, etc.


Platform flooring can be made with many different floor types, grids, etc., according to customer requirements.

Mezzanin med trappe og palle håndtering.

Mezzanine with stairs and pallet handling.

Flexibility and in-house production

Mezzanin udnytter her opbevaring af kontrolenheder ovenover maskinerne.

Mezzanine here utilises storage of control units above the machines.


Changes in needs are easily and efficiently solved by changing the composition of the existing structure or by adding new units. This makes it possible to optimally use the dimensions of the space and thus reduce the effective cost per square metre.

In-house production

All units produced by Skov Industri are phosphated and powder coated. This provides the best corrosion protection and durability and therefore requires no additional surface treatment

The standard colour of our mezzanines is shelf blue. However, for a small surcharge, it can be painted in colours within the RAL colour range. The standard colours for mezzanines made of sigma profiles are RAL 5019 Capri Blue and RAL 9001 Cream White.

The mezzanine constructions are delivered as finished solutions complete with stairs, rest, handrail with hand and knee rails and kick strips.

Contact us if you want to know more about our Mezzanine solutions.

Flexible & Sustainable

Our MATADOR walls are modular and can be built up and taken down as often as you like.

As a result, they are sustainable, which is good for both the customer’s economy and the environment.

Wall modules can be replaced with, e.g. windows, doors, gates, locks etc., i.e. high flexibility when changes
in needs arise.

We don’t leave a mess when we assemble or disassemble, so production can often carry on running at the same time.

Our highly experienced fitters build in approximately half the time compared to other wall types.

Our MATADOR walls and wall partitions are easy to clean.

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