Flexibility and high quality

Our production includes MATADOR walls, wall partitions, shelving, and mezzanines. Our pproximately 30 employees produce by punching, bending, drilling and welding and finally, powder coating at our 3,300 m2 factory in Nørre Aaby on Funen, close to the E20 and centrally located in Denmark.


Our standard is customisation.

As we produce ourselves, no dimensions are impossible and we can make whatever the customer wants.

In the event a change to the solution occurs as late as during assembly, we modify, produce and powder-coat immediately, shipping the same day, so assembly can continue almost unhindered the next day and without delay.

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High quality

In-house production from start to finish means that we can ensure the quality 100%.

The majority of our approximately 30 competent employees have been with us from the beginning, and thus know the products and processes in depth, and in this way, we ensure the high quality.

Powder coating can be supplied with special properties as needed.

Flexible & Sustainable

Our MATADOR walls are modular and can be built up and taken down as often as you like.

As a result, they are sustainable, which is good for both the customer’s economy and the environment.

Wall modules can be replaced with, e.g. windows, doors, gates, locks etc., i.e. high flexibility when changes
in needs arise.

We don’t leave a mess when we assemble or disassemble, so production can often carry on running at the same time.

Our highly experienced fitters build in approximately half the time compared to other wall types.

Our MATADOR walls and wall partitions are easy to clean.

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