Recycling of materials

Recycling/circular economy

In fact, we do not know whether the inventor of the Matador modular system focused on producing a solution that considered the earth’s scarce resources. Every time a noise barrier or cleanroom is torn down and replaced with a new one, it costs in the CO2 accounts. With our modular system, the products can be extended again and again. And thus, save important resources.

We designed the Matador system for long durability and the product can be continuously maintained:

  • The product is built to last.
  • It is modular, so you can expand, rearrange modules, or put in new windows.
  • Each individual module can be replaced – or even a single plate. So, if something breaks, then it is minimal what needs to be replaced or repaired.

If our solutions are no longer in use at the customer’s site, we are happy to take them back to our factory.

  • Here we sort and give good products new life. And preferably a new coat of powder coating.
  • The parts that can no longer be used are sorted and delivered for recycling. It is simple because our Matador system is built with a clip system, which makes it easy to separate the modules.

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