History of Skov Industri A/S

You can find MATADOR solutions that are almost 45 years old and still in operation or perhaps reused in other MATADOR solutions.

History of Skov Industri A/S


Skov Industri A/S today

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Skov Industri A/S gets new owners

After 16 years at the helm of the company, Morten Skov decided to pass on the baton to new owners:

“Our business needs to evolve constantly, and that requires constant innovation. After 16 years in this job, it’s time for new forces to come in,” says Morten Skov.

The company was taken over by a trio consisting of Bjarne G. Lund, Flemming N. Enevoldsen and Kjeld Lund.

Kjeld Lund took over the role as CEO.

“We are taking over an incredibly well-run company with competent employees, reputable customers, a high technical level and a strong product range. And we intend to further develop the company based on these core competencies,” says Kjeld Lund.

See the press release on the change of ownership her

We offer ISO 5-8 – GMP A,B,C,D – USP – and cGMP cleanrooms.


Skov Industri A/S

In 2004, Morten Skov took over MATADOR wall, MATADOR wall partition, Smith Shelving, Mezzanines, the production plant, powder coating, buildings and the associated customers, and thus continued Skov Industri A/S, on the basis of what he himself had created under Smith Industri A/S.

In subsequent years, the focus was on:

  • Ongoing production maturation to keep the products competitive and ensure backward compatibility with older versions of MATADOR wall, MATADOR wall partition, and Smith shelving.
  • Substantial expansion of the range of windows, doors, locks, gates, etc., in line with customer requirements and market developments.
  • Further development of the cleanroom solution, more airtight, more cleaning-friendly.
  • Expansion of MATADOR wall’s ability to carry roof solutions and higher loads.
  • Expansion of the range of MATADOR wall partitions.
  • Significant expansion of customer base and industries.

We offer encapsulation of machines, production robots, etc.


SCO bicycle factory in Nørre Aaby on Funen – Smith & Co. A/S

The production company behind, among others things, the SCO bicycle factory – Smith Industri A/S, took over the MATADOR wall and they hired Morten Skov to handle sales.

In the following 10 years, sales of MATADOR walls grew steadily, and many of our customers today started buying MATADOR walls already during this period.

MATADOR Wall Partition came about in 2000.

Smith Industri A/S also sold a complete range of shelving – Smith shelving and Mezzanines.

We offer all kinds of noise reduction and acoustics.


Industri Filter A/S

Industri Filter A/S sold ventilation systems, among other things, to Cleanrooms, and they searched for a matching wall system and therefore bought the MATADOR wall from Dampa A/S. They also started to focus on noise reduction.

Morten Skov, who later started Skov Industri A/S, was at this time employed by Industri Filter A/S with responsibility for sales of MATADOR wall, which then grew steadily.

However, the ventilation business drained the coffers, and Morten Skov saw it and got away before bankruptcy was a reality in 1994

We offer ISO 5-8 – GMP A,B,C,D – USP – and cGMP cleanrooms.


Dampa A/S

MATADOR wall was taken over by Dampa A/S.

Dampa A/S sold MATADOR walls together with their ceiling solutions, especially for their office solutions.

We offered noise reduction.


Jernkompaniet A/S

After only 2 years, Jørgen Christensen had to give up, and Jernkompaniet A/S took over the MATADOR wall, but not with great success.

We offer machine enclosure.


Jørgen Christensen A/S

Jørgen Christensen, who worked at Planvæggen, invented the clip system in 1976.

He started the company Jørgen Christensen A/S, patented the clip system and named the walls MATADOR.

We, unfortunately, don’t know why the name MATADOR was chosen, but the name has stuck ever since, and that’s why you can find MATADOR solutions that are almost 45 years old and still in use.

We offered robust pallet racks.


Planvæggen A/S

The company Planvæggen A/S launched the steel partition wall that later becomes the MATADOR wall.

We offered Robust cantilever shelving