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About Skov Industri A/S

Skov Industri solves all types of noise problems, production in controlled environments and clean rooms, room-in-room solutions, boundaries in industry, municipalities, institutions and hospitals, shelving storage, space utilisation, etc.

Skov Industri is a Danish owned manufacturing company founded in 2004.

We produce and market MATADOR walls, MATADOR clean rooms, MATADOR wall partition, Smith storage racks, Acoustic products and Mezzanines.

Sales are made through consultancy directly to private and public sector customers throughout most of the world.

Skov Industri employs approximately 30 people and is located in Nr. Aaby on Funen in a 3,300 m2 factory building, with the necessary space for a multifaceted production.

In addition to a large machine park, we have our own iron phosphating plant and powder coating plant.

The employees at Skov Industri have many years of experience in design, production, consultancy and sales of quality products to both Danish and foreign companies.

Products from Skov Industri are in demand because of their recognised and well-documented quality, flexibility and reusability.

All products of own production are iron phosphated with subsequent powder coating, thus ensuring very high corrosion protection and a robust finish that is easy to clean. It gives a nice result and long durability.

Our primary solutions include:

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To be a competent and quality-driven supplier that exceeds customer expectations through service, solutions and flexibility.

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Flexible & Sustainable

Our MATADOR walls are modular and can be built up and taken down as often as you like.

As a result, they are sustainable, which is good for both the customer’s economy and the environment.

Wall modules can be replaced with, e.g. windows, doors, gates, locks etc., i.e. high flexibility when changes
in needs arise.

We don’t leave a mess when we assemble or disassemble, so production can often carry on running at the same time.

Our highly experienced fitters build in approximately half the time compared to other wall types.

Our MATADOR walls and wall partitions are easy to clean.

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